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Off-Panel Widget is displaying an icon in Web AppBuilder

Question asked by mnorbury on Feb 26, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2016 by mnorbury

I've developed a 'hover' widget that does not need to appear in the panel.  That is, it's an off-panel widget that should be active at all times and should not have an icon in the panel.  I'm using the foldable theme in WAB.  However, an icon is appearing in the panel.  How do I remove this?Icon.PNG

Here's my widget's manifest.json.


  "name": "Hover",

  "2D": true,

  "3D": false,

  "platform": "HTML",

  "version": "1.4",

  "wabVersion": "1.4",

  "author": "Esri Canada Ltd",

  "description": "This is the hover widget",

  "copyright": "",

  "license": "",

  "properties": {


  "hasLocale": false,









  "closeable": false,

  "openAtStart": true