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MS Access queries in ArcMap 10 not working

Question asked by abadiep on Feb 26, 2016
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Hello. I recently learned that I can add MS access( I use MS access 2010 but have the older versions) queries into Arcmap(I use version 10). In Access I create a query joining 2 tables. Then I create a custom field using SQL to combine 2 fields(text with a numerical). The query works in access. Then I bring the query into Arc10 via database connection and the custom field is populated with the word blob instead of the value. So I tested it using an older version of MS Access(.mdb vs .accdb) and this works in arc10. I don't get the blob value. The field I create in MS access 2010 and 2007 is combining 2 fields and giving me a value as this example: X-9999, a letter, dash and number.


Is there a way around this in MS 2010 or arc wherever the problem is occurring? Id rather use MS access 2010 but there must be a reason if it works in an older version and not the new version

Im new to this site and hopefully positing into the correct forum, its slightly confusing on my first day but it is VERY helpful


Thanks for any feedback