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Tiled Layer: Cannot read property 'remove' of null

Question asked by __asku on Feb 25, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2016 by __asku

This is a possible bug. When I zoom Map with mousewheel, fast and multiple levels, ArcGIS JS API throws an error, continiously:

Cannot read property 'remove' of null


I happen to have a lot of Tiled layers in my map, like 20 or so. And all of them


class: "esri/layers/TiledMapServiceLayer"

function:  _popTile()

this line: this._loadingList.remove(;


this._loadingList is null, so it thats why it throws. I think it could be some timing issue, possibly related to performance (multiple level zoom + lots of layers).


I was wondering if this is a bug or maybe I am doing something wrong? Is there a workaround?