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Batch Processing in Model Builder - Delete rows then Append

Question asked by sanhitachatt on Feb 25, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2016 by mvolz47

I am trying to delete rows from multiple feature classes with prefix TCEMaster_* (such as TCEMaster_Centerline, TCEMaster_Fence etc.) in TCEMaster.SDE ----then append the feature classes with data from another sde. Names of the feature classes in Input dataset is without the prefix (such as Centerline, Fence etc.).


My ultimate goal is to run a script/batch file routinely.


Should I use modelbuilder with Iterator and then export to python or a script in python. I am not much of an expert in python. See attached what I got started in modelbuilder.  I  have also attached a screenshot of the databases exported to FGDB  for testing purposes. Target dataset is TCEMaster in test_TCE.gdb and input dataset is R0007199 in test.gdb.


Any help will be highly appreciated.