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JavaScript Data Grid - Zooming to Feature with a Single Click Issue

Question asked by ipeebles on Feb 25, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2016 by dafiter

I have a JavaScript application and add-in tool that allows an end user to zoom to a feature on the map with a single click.  However, when doing so, the user can repeat this a few times, then I get an error in console mode that states 'unable to complete operation'. Then zooming to the feature turns into a double click on the zoom icon.  This issue is very random.  I want the single click on the feature to work at all times.  Has anyone else experienced this issue?


This issue is so random and is not specific to any particular feature.  You can single click 10 times, then you run into a feature that requires a double click, another with a double click, then back to a single click.


Here is a link to my application:

Art in Public Places



I would appreciate any feedback.  Also, would there be a better solution to populate a grid and zoom to feature?


Thank you for any feedback.