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PrintTask, Secure AGS Service, and Resource Proxy

Question asked by aaronkilbey on Feb 25, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by fmorauxesrifrance-fr-esridist

I use the .NET proxy to run transparent token auth for a secure service. URLs to the secure service in the Web_Map_as_JSON cause the PrintTask execute to fail 400, citing the secure service URLs.  I've tried proxying the execute call to fetch a token and changing the URLs in the Web_Map_as_JSON to go through the proxy but no dice.  I've seen this article referenced in response about this problem, but we have short lived tokens and the way this article reads we shouldn't need a custom print service. Is it possible to use PrintTask with a webmap definition referencing secure services by somehow using the resource proxy or do we need to go this route with the custom print service?