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(Image) Repeat controls issue

Question asked by zkovacs on Feb 23, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2016 by zkovacs

Not sure if anyone has experienced it, although I can reproduce it in multiple surveys.

I'm using the repeat function with an image field (that works ok) and there seems to be a slight difference in the controls' appearance on Android. One of the navigating arrows and the Add button are considerably smaller than the other buttons. I've checked it on an iPad and it looks OK as it is in Survey123Connect using the same projects. It occurs with other field types too, so it is not unique to image fields.

I attached 2 photos to show how they are displayed. Is it a bug or something specific to my system?

I'm using the latest Survey123 releases on both Android 5.0.1 and iOS 9 to my best knowledge.