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Need help creating a dynamic map

Question asked by bjhammer on Feb 11, 2016

Here is the steps for creating a map

1 the user selects criteria for creating a map and a set of records are created containing userMapId, county fips code and a color code (1-6)

2 the records are put into a geodatabase (all user's map request data goes into this geodatabase


And now that the data is there we have a service that has a map with the database connected to it

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We need to be able to call the service with the user map id  ie:  ?mapid=5548793393


then render the map with the countys (using county fips codes) colored by using the color code.


The color codes are 1-6 which will have to be converted into a color (at this time the color could be any hex codes)


Attached is part of the database and what the current map looks like and what we want to do.


I hope this makes sense what we want to do


Any help is greatly appreciated as we are in real need for a solution

you may contact me @


Thanks so much


James Kruse