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Automatically adding new map layers to an ArcGIS Server map service

Question asked by tobias.bruehlmeier on Feb 10, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2016 by tobias.bruehlmeier

Hi all,


In my application, I use a map service with about 200 map layers. Users can manually toggle these map layer's visibility in my JavaScript app.


My map service is published to ArcGIS for Server with ArcMap. All layers are added (and symbolised) to ArcMap manually.


Initial data source is a folder containing these 200 MapInfo TAB files. These files are loaded to a File Geo Database with FME, and automatically updated every night. FME also detects new layers and includes them in my F-GDB.


Now I would like to automate this process:

1. New layers should be added to my map service automatically (symbolisation should follow some rules).

2. Deleted layers should be removed from my map services automatically.


What would be a good strategy to solve this? Any hints?



Restriction: I'm not allowed to change anything in my source folder. I have to work with these MapInfo TAB files, I'm not allowed to move them to, let's say, an Enterprise Geo Database.


Best regards Tobias