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csv properties not refreshing

Question asked by jpolo on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2016 by jpolo

My csv has the following columns when I open it in a spreadsheet program: address, lat, lon, latold, lonold, sold, city, postal.code, add1, add2,, X, Y.


When I add the csv to ArcMap and open the table, I have: address, lat, lon, latold, lonold, add2, sold, city, postal.code, postal.code,, new.lattitude, new.longitude,, geo.lon,


The list of column names in the table that opens in ArcMap is how the csv was arranged when I first loaded the csv into ArcMap. I have edited the csv a couple of times to reflect what's in my first sentence here. The column names that are showing in current table in ArcMap are wrong and they don't even match the data. For example, the data in the second "postal.code" column in the table actually appears as add1 data in my csv.


I've removed the csv from ArcMap several times and added it again. I copied the sheet to a different directory and deleted it via ArcCatalog and then added a new copy and the ArcMap table still isn't correctly displaying the table as it's currently configured in the spreadsheet. The csv's name has remained constant, but I don't see why that should be causing trouble. What is going on?