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Auto Increment integer using Survey123

Question asked by Rocket83 on Feb 2, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2018 by dougbrowning

Would it be possible to auto increment an integer field (within a Repeat) calculated from the previous entry; on the same field?


For example: during our fish surveys we can catch up to 30 fish at one site. Each fish needs be be measured and weighed and have a Fish Number.  The first fish caught would be "1", second fish "2", third fish "3" etc.

So, it would be fantastic (within a Repeat) after the first fish information is entered, the survey form would auto-populate the Fish Number field with "2" and so on.


I understand there are still some bugs with Repeat's but just wondering if this would be a possibility down the road!! Even if this could be accomplished outside of a repeat, it would still be useful!!

Thank you