Auto Increment integer using Survey123

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02-02-2016 10:17 AM
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Would it be possible to auto increment an integer field (within a Repeat) calculated from the previous entry; on the same field?

For example: during our fish surveys we can catch up to 30 fish at one site. Each fish needs be be measured and weighed and have a Fish Number.  The first fish caught would be "1", second fish "2", third fish "3" etc.

So, it would be fantastic (within a Repeat) after the first fish information is entered, the survey form would auto-populate the Fish Number field with "2" and so on.

I understand there are still some bugs with Repeat's but just wondering if this would be a possibility down the road!! Even if this could be accomplished outside of a repeat, it would still be useful!!

Thank you

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Hi Kaylee,

Survey123 does not support auto-incrementation in the form due to the issues of submission by multiple submitters.  There are other ways to provide identifiers, see Creating 'Ticket Numbers' in Survey123 for ArcGIS.

Additionally, if a sequence of numbers needs to be pre-assigned to a collector, you can accomplish that by generating the (empty) rows before submission (with id numbers), allocate them by assigning rows to the collector(s) and then use the Inbox so that the rows are then loaded into the device for completion.

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Like question "Auto Increment integer using Survey123."

It would be nice to have an incremental counter (survey 1,2,3,4 ... 78) that can't be modified.
That is, first to last survey.
It would be nice to have an incremental counter that CAN be modified (i.e., 1,2,3; 8,9,10, 2,3,4).
I use tree tags and use the number on the tags which are usually in order, but not always. The tags also end at 999, new tags start at 1.

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Has this functionality has been incorporated into Survey123?  

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Ed, it looks like it has not.

Enhancement: Auto-Incrementing IDs · Issue #302 · Esri/Survey123Community · GitHub 

There are a few other threads on the GeoNet about this with no real answers or deadlines.

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Hi Nicole,

At this time, we do not have support to supply an auto-increment.  Numbering for repeats might be an easier issue to address than supplying a similar auto-increment for a survey in general (where multiple people, possibly offline, collecting at the same time could cause conflicts in terms of numbering).

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Even getting a numbering of repeats would be wonderful.

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I just asked this question in the blog. I agree the number is already there its just a matter of exposing it.


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Numbering of the the repeats within each survey would be helpful to us.  For example, we conduct surveys containing repeats to capture information for each room within a subject house.  We use an identifier such as RM-1, RM-2, and so on.   Is is possible to auto-populate the RM-# based on the record number you are on within the repeat?


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Has there been any movement on this?  It would be really handy.  Doing stratigraphic profiles and crews sometimes forget to update strat #.

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I'd also like to see an Auto Increment integer, and have seen several requests. Not sure why ESRI has not done. Can't be too hard since other data collectors such as Trimble has this feature, for years.