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Need assistance in deploying Web App Builder Data Grid Widget

Question asked by ipeebles on Feb 2, 2016
Latest reply on May 15, 2018 by dafiter

I have a JavaScript application that contains a data grid, where the user can click on an icon to zoom to feature or click on another icon to open up a fact sheet.  Here is a preview:



I want to deploy this data grid functionality as a widget, but currently struggling to get it to work properly.  I know the steps to add in the custom widget to the Web Application Builder, but cannot get this tool to work properly.


I am attaching the code that contains the tool I want to deploy.  The zip file contains: 1. CSS folder with the layout.css file; 2. Graphics folder that contains the two icons; 3. the index.htm file which contains the code.


I have the feature layer I want to use hard coded, which is fine and what I want.  I want the data grid to appear in the panel within the widget.  So far, I have been unsuccessful in getting this deployed properly.


Does anyone have any ideas or approaches I can use?  Would greatly appreciate some assistance.