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Possible bug with ArcGIS API for JavaScript Locate Button dijit failing on iOS devices

Question asked by Ryan.Nosek_DuPage on Feb 1, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by Ryan.Nosek_DuPage

We are experiencing an issue in our ArcGIS web apps that use the ArcGIS API for JavaScript's Geolocation Widget (esri/dijit/LocateButton) on iOS devices that cause the webpage to crash and force a page refresh with the following error returned (in Safari): "A problem occurred with the webpage causing it to reload." 

To reproduce the error, simply use the Locate Button, after it zooms in your location, zooming out and/or panning will cause the error. At first we thought it was our apps only, but you can test with Esri's sample here:


I am planning to submit this as a bug to Esri, but would like to confirm with the larger community that this is indeed what others are experiencing as well.  Can anyone else confirm this behavior with the Geolocation Widget on their iOS devices?



My guess is that the way Esri's dijit/LocateButton module  was written falls into the category of sites/scripts that are affected by this iOS bug, and that Esri may need to update their code in order to resolve or workaround the iOS issue.  Curious to hear back!