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map rotation issue

Question asked by ramkumar on Jan 27, 2016

Dear ESRI Tech team,


I observed the following regarding map rotation and adding ArcGIS Image Service layer and request your reply at the earliest.


1) The sample at Compass widget | ArcGIS API for JavaScript  shows Map rotation and rotation happens perfectly. But this was with tiled base map. But as i keep adding vector layers does the map and features added on top rotate in sync. please clarify as it is the most important feature of interest and that observed was (in firebug) individual tiles are being styled with transform/translate.


2) The sample at Add an ArcGISImageLayer to a map - 4.0beta3 show a base map added with ArcGIS Image service as layer. But when rotation was applied by right click and mouse drag, though the map and image on top gets rotated but the image gets displayed with rectangular extents rather than filling up the entire map view (specifically when zoomed in). This is in correct as it gives a picture that image does not exist for the entire map view. Is it necessary that the image service to be a tiled one? Also, noted that when image service of ArcGIS service 10.0 was added (even with wkid:3857) the image does not get displayed. Please reply in detail.


3) When can we expect a full release of JS API 4.0?


NOTE: Please reply me at as i was not able to edit my email id in my profile at




N. Ram Kumar.