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FeatureLayer secured/proxy service request cancelled

Question asked by csgeosol1 Champion on Jan 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2016 by a_morgan

I haven't quite tamped-down this issue, but I'm having trouble piping-in a SQL-sourced, secured layer into my map. Here's the code snippet:


featureLayer = FeatureLayer(this._objLayers.MyLayer.attColl.URL.val, {
  id: 'myLayer',
  mode: FeatureLayer.MODE_ONDEMAND,
  infoTemplate: popupTemplate,
  outFields: ["field1", "field2", "field3", "field4", "FOOBAR", "field6"]


I've found that if I remove the column [FOOBAR], it seems to be added to the map without issue. If I add [FOOBAR], the map doesn't load anything at the normal, starting extent. No errors are reported in console - fiddler just shows an open request (no response). If I zoom-in and reduce extent, some features begin to show, but console reports the message: error CancelError: Request canceled
   " error"
      [functions]: ,
      description: "Request canceled",
      dojoType: "cancel",
      log: undefined,
      message: "Request canceled",
      name: "CancelError",
      response: { },
      stack: undefined


I tried debugging the proxy, but found nothing constructive - my assumption was that there were either unsafe chars, or maybe a length issue with the return. The latter didn't make sense, though, since the proxy should handle large requests.


As a test, I adjusted the data in the SQL back-end and hard-coded a text value maxing-out the column width. This was piped-in without issue, so I'm beginning to think the proxy is rejecting some unsafe chars.


Has anyone had a similar experience? I'm using the latest release version of the proxy from GitHub (1.1.0).