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REST URL for Document Link

Question asked by cwholmes on Jan 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2016 by cwholmes

Good day all,


From My Content I selected Add Item > From the Web (chose Document) and entered the url to my document which is a csv file. This worked fine and AGOL created a Document Link to my csv file. Selecting View Item Details gives only one option under the Open tab (that being Open). It gives the choice of Open/Save/Save As. I could have swore I clicked open and it opened the csv file in Excel but then in IE it opened a new tab which displayed the REST URL for the document link.


I cannot find nor get back to that REST URL now. So I'm thinking that maybe it was for something else and that maybe document links do not have REST URL's?? Someone tell me if I'm out to lunch here, it is close to lunch time and I haven't eaten today, so very possible.