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Using a map server other than ArgGIS

Question asked by dolot on Jan 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2016 by dolot

We have a web application where we use an ArcGIS server up in the cloud somewhere to serve up the background layer for our map (topographical or whatever the user wants.)  This is working fine on our development machines here in the states.  When our app gets deployed, however, it may be in a situation where it is running on a server in a local network at a FOB or some such situation where there is limited or non-existent access to the internet as a whole.  We don't want to use ArcGIS server because, well, quite frankly, the customer doesn't want to pay for it.


I've seen some third party open source GIS servers out there and am wondering if we can use any of these to serve up our background layer while still using the ArcGIS api for javascript to do all other layer creation and feature manipulation.  We've written an extensive amount of client side code using the ArcGIS api, and re-writing all of it is out of the question.


So has anybody out there done anything similar to this?  Is it easy?  hard?  Can it be done at all?  Are there any gotchas?


Any advice would be appreciated.