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problem w/ generator-arcgis-js-app

Question asked by john.c.cartwright on Jan 16, 2016

Hello All,


I'm trying out Rene's Yeoman generator for ArcGIS JS applications and finding that out-of-the box there are some problems with the unit tests (e.g. http://localhost:8282/node_modules/intern/client.html?config=tests/intern). In his video, he mentions that the webmap  test is expected to fail, but I'm seeing others as well.  For example, the MapView component fails with this error:


TypeError: View is not a function at Test.registerSuite.View publishes a valid map [as test] </tests/unit/components-map-mapview.js:30:17> at eval </node_modules/intern//lib/Test.js:211:24> at eval </node_modules/intern//node_modules/dojo/Promise.js:156:41> at runCallbacks </node_modules/intern//node_modules/dojo/Promise.js:19:22> at eval </node_modules/intern//node_modules/dojo/Promise.js:103:21> at run </node_modules/intern//node_modules/dojo/Promise.js:51:33> at CallbackQueue.drain </node_modules/intern//node_modules/dojo/CallbackQueue.js:39:35> at MutationObserver.eval </node_modules/intern//node_modules/dojo/nextTick.js:52:27>

Has anyone had success with this tool or can point me toward the problem?