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Using Field Calculator vb to check for name with /n in the string

Question asked by tselvidge on Jan 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2016 by tselvidge

I am calculating values for a field (Score) based upon the names from another field (Modified). One name is "blaugh\nblaugh". Field Calculator keeps treating the name as having a new line command.

I have tried using Like, Right, Contains, etc but the Field calculator does not seem to be able to use those commands. I am stumped.

Ex1: elseif [Modified] = "blaugh\nblaugh" then Score =7

Ex2: elseif Right( [Modified], -6) = "blaugh" then Score =7

Ex3: elseif [Modified] LIKE "*nblaugh" then Score =7

I am using vb in ModelBuilder and ArcCatalog 10.3.1

Any help will be appreciated.