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Question asked by on Jan 5, 2016
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My name is Ann Solano.


I was allowed on a computer that has ArcGIS. So I sign in and attempt to begin the virtual training campus. I begin with Learning ArcGIS Desktop(for ArcGIS 10.0). My problem is when I hit Step 3 on Download the data file. I click Download file for Step 1. On my Step 2 there isn’t any Save option there is only Open which in opens up a popup box that is titled Open File- Security Warning. Then inside the box it says Publisher couldnot be verified Are you sure you want to run this software? The instructions in 3. Download the data file 2. Says not to open file or run, The Save Dialog doesn’t display. I am a bit frustrated because there is nothing in the files save on Desktop or Downloads. I am also not getting any closer to my first intention on GIS training.