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Can't login to Geoevent Manager 10.3.1 due to missing trailing slash in URL

Question asked by jay.gregory on Dec 29, 2015

I have installed and successfully authorized the GeoEvent Extension 10.3.1 on my federated ArcGIS system (Server 10.3.1 federated and hosted with Portal 10.3.1).  When I try to login with portal administrator username and password, I get an error that says the username or password you've entered is incorrect.  I used Chrome developer tools to see what was happening, and noticed there is a missing trailing slash in the POST request to generate the token. 


This is the URL for the POST request taken from Chrome developer tools (the POST requests returns a 404):


My Portal entry point is, and the correct page for generating a token should be, but as you can see the proxy request omits the slash after gis so the page requested is /gissharing/generateToken (which doesn't exist).


Any way to fix this?