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Select a feature with the Export Web Map service

Question asked by on Dec 22, 2015
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I have a javascript app without a  map.  I need a png from export web map service and one of the features(geometry type polygon) should be  selected. My code look like this:


var dynamicLayers = '[{"source":{"mapLayerId":3,"selectionObjectIds":['+ attrs.OBJECTID +'],"selectionSymbol":{"symbol":{"type":"esriSFS","style":"esriSFSSolid","color":[255,0,0,255]}}}}]';
var JsonObj = {
     "bbox": JSON.stringify(result.features[0].geometry.getExtent()/*.expand(2) */),
     "transparent": "false",
     "f": "pjson",
     "mapScale": "1000",

$.get(getConfigValuByName("exportMapImage"), JsonObj, function (data) {
       var obj = JSON.parse(data);