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Search widget: how to disconnect default click handlers

Question asked by murdoch on Dec 22, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2016 by darinatch

I'm using WAB Dev edition 1.2 and JSAPI 3.14.

I think this question is core to JSAPI 3.14 and Dojo, though, so I am not posting direct to a WAB forum...


I have been using the Search dijit/widget and I'm now trying to alter the UI/UX so that when the user clicks on the "submitNode" (the magnifiying glass icon to the right of the search box), the user is NOT taken to the "first" search result.  For now, I simply want to completely disable that button / node.  Ultimately, I will reconnect a click handler to do something custom (open a window showing a complete, comprehensive list of all search results that match the current search criteria). 


I ALSO want to disable the "enter" key action on the search text box (in a similar fashion) so that the user is NOT taken to the "first" search result. 


I AM using the suggest function to present a dropdown list of the top results as the user types in a partial search criteria string, and I DO let the user click on a suggest result in that list to zoom to the desired result.


How do I disable the "click" handlers for the default functionality of the Search widget? 


Any guidance is greatly appreciated!