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Question asked by rangermry on Dec 17, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2015 by wwmiller68

I am trying to create my first Python Toolbox.  I have tons of ACS text file, comma field separated files.  I want my users to easily be able to join the tables to the geometry file.  My first parameter, the list of available text files is working.  Then, when I add the next parameter for the users to pick which fields they want to join from the text file as a check list is not working.  Not sure how to set this up the parameters properly?  Any help is much appreciated?


import arcpy
import os

class Toolbox(object):
    def __init__(self):
        """Define the toolbox (the name of the toolbox is the name of the
        .pyt file)."""
        self.label = "ACS_2013_5Year_Toolbox"
        self.alias = ""
        # List of tool classes associated with this toolbox = [ACSJoinTableTool]


class ACSJoinTableTool(object):
    def __init__(self):
        """Define the tool (tool name is the name of the class)."""
        self.label = "Join ACS Table to Census Block Group Geometry"
        self.description = "Pick a table to temporarily join to the" + \
                                     "Block Group GIS layer."
        self.canRunInBackground = False

    def getParameterInfo(self):
        """Define parameter definitions"""
        #Make parameter #0 a list of the ACS text files.
        filterList = []
        fol = r"---file path of folder containing text files here---"
        for i in os.listdir(fol):
            if i.split(".")[-1].find("txt") != -1:
                x = i.split(".")[0]
        param0 = arcpy.Parameter(displayName = "Pick Table:",
                  name = "in_table",
                  param0.filter.list = filterList

        #Make parameter #1 a list of the table columns
        joinTable = os.path.join(r"---file path of folder containing text files here---", param[0].valueAsText + ".txt")
        pickedTable = open(jointable,"r")
        pickedTableFields = pickedTable.readline()
        pickedTableFields = pickedTableFields.replace(",",";")
        param1 = arcpy.Parameter(displayName = "Pick Join Fields:",
                  name = "in_fields",
         param1.parameterDependencies = [param0.value]
         param1.filter.list = pickedTableFields
         parameters = [param0,param1]
          return parameters