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Navigate to shapefile points

Question asked by jarvis on Dec 16, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2015 by csgeosol1

have a question and wanted to see if maybe someone might help me find an answer.

WWe have a pending project for our
Public Works Department.  We have created a shapefile of locations in a
thickly wooded area….they want to use the gps unit (Trimble GeoXH running
ArcPad 10) or another mobile device, to allow a bulldozer operator to navigate
to each of the points in the shapefile to create a path through this
area.  I have tested both the methods of navigation, here in our parking
lot…the “Query and Go To” method using the binoculars and selecting the record
then clicking go to…..And the “Go To Selected” method, where you click on the
point you want to go to and then choose Go To Selected Feature.


of these methods proved very frustrating to us, as you really don’t know which
way to go due to the arrow jumping all around.  All I’ve read says it only
works when you are moving, and it did seems to improve slightly when we walked
really fast….However that will not be possible for the dozer operator.  He
will have to find the starting point and it will be slower due to the amount of
undergrowth that he will be pushing.


hope I’ve explained this OK…..Does anyone happen to know of any additional options,
methods or apps we could use for them to make this a more feasible
project?  We’d greatly appreciate your input and opinions.