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Feature Layer and Print Task

Question asked by gknight on Dec 16, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2015 by gk-archibus

I am having an issue with printing using the ExportWebMap service as follows:


When I print the map, the printed content is not the same as the content displayed in the map application.  Specifically, I am getting features from my feature layer displayed on the printed output which don't appear in the map application.  I am using a feature layer and a definition expression -- which I am setting in my application.  The definition is respected in the application, but I am picking up what seem to be random additional features which don't meet the definition expression in the printed output.  In fact, I can see these in the WebMapAsJson in the browser which is sent to the print service. 


In troubleshooting, I moved the definition expression to the map/feature service.  Again, the expression is respected in the raw service, in my application, but not in the printed output.  I am still getting seemingly random features in my map output that aren't included in my map application. 


The only other thing that might be a factor here is that in the WebMapAsJson, the erroneous/extra features do not contain the attribute which I am using for rendering (that is, the feature attribute object doesn't contain the attribute I am using for rendering). This is because I am adding this on the client side in my application.  So the feature isnt being rendered on the client, but it is being rendered in the printed output.


Can anyone provide any insight as to how I might address this issue?


Many thanks,