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Deploy WAB application to Amazon Cloud - map not loading - do I need Portal in the Cloud?

Question asked by MegPeterson on Dec 14, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2015 by MegPeterson

Hi all -


Can someone help with the steps of deployment to an AWS Cloud environment? I'm following the steps I used to do when deploying a Flex site, but feel I'm missing something glaring and obvious re: web maps since my application seems to load briefly but blanks out on the map.


Here are the steps I've taken:

1. Using Portal on a local machine I've created a web map the references services in the Cloud. This web map is shared with everyone. Our only use of Portal is to create web maps at this point.

2. Added this map to WAB DE, customized the site, and downloaded and deployed the application. It runs fine locally.

3. Configured the proxy file and copied the application to our AWS Cloud inetpub/wwwroot directory.

4. And then..., watched the loading screen fire up and then blank out with no map.


My big question is do I need to install Portal to the AWS Cloud to make the web map available, or is it somehow embedded in the WAB application? I don't understand what's happening under the hood.


Any insight? Many thanks, Meg