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Add to android arcgis app buttons to click to start new activities

Question asked by stekendak1 on Dec 11, 2015
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I'm using arcgis android sdk sample (PopupUIcustomization) and programming with android studio.

I would add to the main view (Mapwindow), two button that will allow another activities starting (a portefolio and a feedback repport form).


I have found this link ( Starting new activity on a button click )most usefull but was unable to implement it.



Here are the errors i got:

Error:(27, 30) error: package does not exist

cannot find symbol class Activity (of the added activities)

cannot find symbol class Bundle (of the added activities)

method does not override or implement a method from a supertype (of the added activities)

Error:(9, 9) error: cannot find symbol variable super  (of the added activities)

Error:(10, 9) error: cannot find symbol method setContentView(int) (of the added activities)


Here is my main and all other files i have create or modifie to implement the tutoriel.



Hope you could provide me some help. Thanks