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FeatureTable formatter frustrations

Question asked by evtguy on Dec 9, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2015 by rscheitlin

[say that three times fast]


So I'm getting frustrated with the FeatureTable dijit since it seems like a half done widget. The layer I am displaying with the featureTable has a date field along with several double fields that represent currency. In Arcmap, I tried set the aliases for all columns and tried applying a format as well. When the mXD was published as a service, the field name aliases appear but the formatting doesn't.


As I learned from another thread, ESRI has actually "turned off" the date formatter that you can specify during construction of the widget (nice of you to note this in your documentation, ESRI!) so that leaves me currently.....screwed.


What I have tried to do is create formatter functions in my app and then specify them to the appropriate dGrid columns using Set:


var dateField = myTable.colums[6];
var drCostField = myTable.columns[9];


This does....nothing. And, from what I can see, there is not refresh method on the featureTable.


Has anyone overcome this?..