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GeometryService: Measuring area and length of a polygon

Question asked by processing... on Dec 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2016 by processing...

I'm using a GeometryService to measure the length and area of a polygon. Everything is fine unless my polygon is a single line (here me out). I start to draw a polygon by clicking the map then double click the map after just forming a line. There become two line segments and the geometry.ring has 3 coordinates ([-3184781.0569155607,5458796.020593386,1746324.5118164345,4813056.005640387,-3184781.0569155607,5458796.020593386]).


The results of areas-and-lengths-complete are that area and length are 0. Area, sure. Makes sense. But length is 0?


And yes, I know that no user SHOULD do that. They should just use a polyline if they want a line. But, is this a normal/expected result?