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Select by point using ModelBuilder?

Question asked by jibbh on Dec 5, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2015 by jibbh

I am trying to select zonetypes (eg forest, agriculture) within  a municipality and to show the area of each zonetype in this municipality.

I am doing this in ModelBuilder and will export it to a python script later on.


I am stuck with following Points

  1. How can I tell ModelBuilder to perform the task on the municipality I click in with my Cursor? I heard Feature sets are helpful but I don't really understand how they work and how I must implement one as a pointer
  2. How can I get the area statistics? I thought by using the Calculate Area tool. This would create a new feature class.Another option would be exporting the selected data as a table and perform a summary on it. However, these two ways do not work with the "select layer by Location tool" as this requires a layer file as input

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