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Map Journal Side Panel Text Formatting

Question asked by jayme.laber_noaa on Dec 3, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2015 by jayme.laber_noaa

I am working on a Story Map using the Map Journal template. I am trying to enter text in the side panel to look like the following.


Los Angeles, CA          31.28 inches     (normal is 14.93 inches)

Ventura, CA                 30.62 inches     (normal is 14.71 inches)

Thousand Oaks, CA    32.75 inches     (normal is 15.60 inches)

Santa Barbara, CA      41.41 inches     (normal is 18.10 inches)


But when the text is saved the Story Map doesn't keep the blank spacing. It looks like this:


Los Angeles, CA 31.28 inches (normal is 14.93 inches)

Ventura, CA 30.62 inches (normal is 14.71 inches)

Thousand Oaks, CA 32.75 inches (normal is 15.60 inches)

Santa Barbara, CA 41.41 inches (normal is 18.10 inches)


Is there an easy way to preserve the blank spaces?


I looked at the source code in the edit window and see the non-breaking spaces (&nbsp) there, but they don't seem to be working when you save the edits.


Thanks for any assistance.