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Deleting duplicates from a table in ArcGis

Question asked by baffour on Dec 1, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2015 by Pi-Hellz

Can someone help me as to how to delete duplicates values from a large dataset table? I tried the delete tool in ArcToobox but it didn't work. Maybe I should explain further: The dataset is made up of different farmers, their pen, number of sheep, locations and other related attributes. I have detected that some of the farmers have more than one pen within the same compound and while each point of a pen was attributed to a farmer, the total number of sheep was attributed to each pen; creating duplicates and sometime duplicates. For example, if the total number
of sheep in a farm of 3 pen is 135, this number (135) was attributed to each of the 3 pens, making it 405 sheep for a farmer appearing three times on the table. I hope I sound a bit explanatory.