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Disable Popups when using Draw Toolbar

Question asked by xylochic627 on Nov 30, 2015
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I've added in the Draw Toolbar to my project and need to disable the popups from the map when the toolbar is in use. I've tried the solution mentioned in this thread, but didn't have any luck. I've also tried using aspect.after, which is what I had to use to disable the popups when the Measurement tool is active. How do I go about disabling popups when the draw toolbar is active? Is there a way I can handle the popup issue for the measurement and draw tools within the same snippet of code?


Thanks in advance for your help!


Here's the code for my draw toolbar:


mapMain.on("load", initDrawTool);
function initDrawTool() {
drawToolbar = new Draw(mapMain, {
 drawTime: 25,
 tolerance: 4
drawToolbar.on("draw-end", addGraphic);
on(dom.byId("info"), "click", function (evt) {
if( === "info") {

function addGraphic(evt) {
var symbol;
if ( evt.geometry.type === "point" || evt.geometry.type === "multipoint") {
            symbol = drawMarker;
          } else if ( evt.geometry.type === "line" || evt.geometry.type === "polyline") {
            symbol = drawLine;
          else {
            symbol = drawFill;
 Graphic(evt.geometry, symbol));