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WAB edit widget create point joined to address point

Question asked by alnesbit on Nov 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2016 by alnesbit

Hello all,


I have been asked to investigate how to do the following work flow.


A person using the web app created from WAB wants to create a new "incident" point. In that incident point feature class is a field for Physical Address. But they might not know the address in order to type it in. We have the 911 address points in the Web App. So my coworker wants the Incident point to automatically generate the Physical Address from the nearest 911 Address Point - basically a spatial join.


Because we are using this in ArcGIS Online out-of-the-box and I'm not a developer, I told him the best I could do was to label the 911 address point once you are zoomed in and the user will have to type it in themselves after reading the label. Or just delete the Physical Address field because if you have the point location, you have a map and so you might not need the address.


Any ideas?


Thank you!