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Dynamically hide features from web map

Question asked by deleted-user-Q-LwcOmvpdjW on Nov 23, 2015
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I am trying to implement this function with ArcGIS Server JavaScript API:


I have a web map created by ArcGIS Online (or a web map created on the fly using JSON). Within the web map, I have a point feature layer (or MapServer layer). Initially the entire layer is shown on the map.


Now I am receiving a list of feature IDs received from another server, and I need to hide those points with the feature IDs on the map whilst maintaining the visibility of other points.


I am receiving the lists of feature IDs every 5 mins. Once a new set of IDs is received, I need to make the corresponding point invisible. If a previously hidden point is not included in the new list, they need to be turned back on again on the map.


Any ideas on how to implement this?


Thank you!!