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Manually Created .Style file doesn't work

Question asked by irkgreen on Nov 18, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2015 by irkgreen

Hey all,


I made my own style file by opening a .style file in the ArcGIS's Style folder and saving it as a new mdb access database. I then deleted all of the existing records in the Marker Symbol folder (no other tables had data). I then wrote some short VBA code to loop through several BMPs and add them as BLOBs to the table along with an ID, name, tags and category. I renamed it back to .style. Everything seemed okay but I don't see the image thumbnails when I add the Style Reference in Symbol Selector. All of the data is there, just no pictures. Moreover, if I try to match symbols to Match Symbols to Style it doesn't find any of them! I tried matching using the ID and the name and neither work. Am I missing something?


Arc 10.2.2