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Related Table Query

Question asked by ahramadhanesrisa-esridist Employee on Nov 12, 2015

how do i execute this url :

Query Wells


i have make the url from my code, here the code :



var newurl=this.dataSelect.get('value').replace('FeatureServer','MapServer');   var relationshiprequest=this.requestObj(newurl);   relationshiprequest.then(lang.hitch(this, function(response){   console.log(response);   if(response.relationship){   if(response.relationship.length>0) {   var relobject= response.relationship[0];   var relatedobject= esriRequest({             url:this.dataSelect.get('value')+'/queryRelatedRecords',              content: {   objectIds:this.gassetObject.OBJECTID,   relationshipId:,   outFields: ['*'],                     f: 'json'                 },                 handleAs: 'json'             });   }   }}));


i have the url but i don know hot to execute the url.

how to execute, to show the related record ?