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Modelbuilder: Calculate Values for field in an in_memory table

Question asked by jlelmore on Nov 12, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2015 by FGibson-esristaff

Question: What tool or set of tools in modelbuilder can be used to edit values in the field of an Esri table using the in_memory workspace?


My basic task is to pass two user supplied parameters (Lat and Long as doubles) to the XY EVENT LAYER tool, which requires a table as input.  I don't want to write out a table to disk for every time this process runs so I am hoping to use the in_memory workspace option for the CREATE TABLE tool.


I have tried using CALCULATE FIELD, referencing the relevant field from the in_memory table to pass the user supplied values (doubles). The tool runs fine but no output is written to the fields of the in_memory table, therefore nothing passes down the line to the XY EVENT LAYER tool and I get no geometry for output.


Is it possible to write to an in_memory table in this way?  Any suggestions on a simpler way to work this problem?



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