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Since this is its own thread now, I'll go ahead and expand...


I am wondering how you get layers within groups to be toggle-able. The MXD was created to house all these layers within a group instead of having to create an mxd and a service for every single layer.


As you can see, when I create a map in web app builder, the layers are still defaulted to on all the time. Whereas, in another thread we were told there would be the ability to have check boxes for each layer within the group. Obviously when they're on all the time it is not useful as there are going to be >100 individual layers.

Is that something that needs to be changed first? If so where?




Ok, so after some experimenting I seem to have realized something. The above screenshot is of raster layers. However, I've now added some polygons and point files and noticed that those are able to be toggled on and off.


Is the answer that shapefiles can be turned on and off within groups, but raster files cannot? If so, whats up with that? In the meantime I've found customized table of content widgets that should fix the problem, but 1) I'm waiting for my server admin to install WebApp builder developer ed. and 2) Why can't ESRI just make this a default? It seems so simple and useful...


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