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"executeQuery" of DataSourceProxy Class has wrong behavior on Browser

Question asked by mariczone on Nov 5, 2015
Latest reply on May 25, 2016 by TPun-esristaff

Hi, I make custom widget with Javascript that has simple workflow like below.

1. User select datasouce and field that they want to display


2. User locate location to draw buffer and query selected DataSource with that buffer's geometry to find feature and list them to table.

Well, It's work fine in desktop Application.



But when I test it on browser.

I got different results here with the same widget.

It list all feature of selected DataSource to table.


So, I inspect query that fire out.


and found that geometry's param was ignore in browser so it return all of feature back.


** I use "executeQuery" method of  DataSourceProxy Class to query instead of QueryTask because I want to query with selected Datasource without fix service URL.


I already attach this widget. You can download and test it with some featureLayer on Dashboard.


Thank you.