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Use arcpy to calculate areas in a different coordinate system

Question asked by leftieant76 on Nov 3, 2015
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I have an arcpy process generates a summarised dataset for me from a source dataset. Due to the limitations of our corporate spatial library, the source data (and my summarised data) are geographic (GDA94).


My summarised dataset has an AREA_HA field (area, hectares) and I would like to automatically populate that field as part of the summary process. I would like this calculation to be performed in the GDA94 VG94 projected coordinate system (shape@hectares doesn't provide the accuracy I need).


I'm a little at a loss as to how to do this programatically. I've had a look at spatial references (arcpy.SpatialReference) but it doesn't seem to do what I am looking for.


Can anyone advise how I would go about this?