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Operation Dashboard List widget

Question asked by mmarigmengeodata-com-ph-esridist Employee on Nov 2, 2015
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I'm using the List widget in OpsDashboard, and I usually use the Custom Description in the Feature Details tab, but everytime I try to add a field to display, it shows on the preview window on the right side, but not on the text box. I tried to change the text color to black, but it still does not show. I even tried to select the text on the box, but it does not show the selection at all. When I try to type something on the text box, it does not appear, but it shows on the preview window. I was able to use this setting weeks before, but when I started using the Dark theme of the dashboard, the problem happened. I have also tried reinstalling the application, but to no avail. You may refer to the attached image below. Hoping for your response. Thanks.


Im using the latest update of the Operations Dashboard on Windows 8.