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C# Arcgis client - how to create spatial set to add to Map objects

Question asked by stain3565 on Oct 29, 2015

I have worked with such languages as Python when dealing with ESRI geometries.


However, I have now been asked to amend some C# to add a group of simple line geometries (straight lines) to a map, sourced from a soatial SQL table. We only seem to have ArcGIS Client available and I don't know where to start.


I will try and explain the issue as carefully as I can.


We have a SQL Server spatial table called DP_Accesses that, in simple terms, has a unique key and a geometry of LineString e.g.


     APID - char(18)

     Shape - geometry of LineString


This is itself a huge table with about 30 million rows


I have managed to build a list of APID values in C# that I want to use to select rows from this table and add to my map. However, please note that this could be a list of anything from 1 to about 7000 APID values, so in itself it is not a small list


As I am at a point where I have completed this list of APID values, how do I create the layer/spatial collection that can be added to the map, using the ARCGIS Client functionality in C#? I am on .Net Framework 4  and using ARCGIS 10.2 Client.