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Search widget popup passing attribute

Question asked by frankv3 on Oct 26, 2015

WAB standard, not developer


On one of the layers on my webmap there is an attribute when passed to a hyperlink string returns a webpage for that record. This works fine on the webmap if the popup is configuerd with "Custom Attribute Display", but does not behave as well in the standard WAB. On the WAB the search widget is configured to search on the layer that has the hyperlink in the popup, when the result comes back, zooms to object and opens popup, the hyperlink does not work form the popup that opens. If the object in the layer in clicked on, selected, and the popup opens the hyperlink works when clicked. Is there a setting that will allow the search widget popup to select the object that the search results zoom to and opened the popup for so the attribute can be passed to the hyperlink?