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Highlight a selected feature from search result list.

Question asked by apaulus on Oct 27, 2015
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Let me preface this question with some facts. First, I am a third grader when it comes to coding; I gave a basic understanding at best. Second, the code I'm working on is adapted from code we were given permission to use. Now, on to my question.


I'm trying to get my code to highlight the in map feature when I select the feature from my search results. Right now my code symbolizes my search results but when I select a name from my list, the map centers on that selected feature but the symbol remains the same. So, if you have a number of search results in the same area, there is no way to tell for certainty which individual you selected from the list without identifying each possibility.


I can't even identify where in the code I should be looking to edit. I've tried a few things but it doesn't make any change in map.


Here is a working copy of our code.

Adams County Veteran Cemetery Project


Any help will be appreciated.