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Write a Geo-processing model / python script....

Question asked by jling138 on Oct 26, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2015 by Dan_Patterson

Hi all,


I wish to find out how I can write a geo-processing model / pythin script for following two requirements?


1) To export the feature class into MDB file format. The MDB file shall contain the longitude and latitude of the feature class.

                The attributes of the feature class are as follow:

                                a) OBJECTID

                                b) SHAPE

                                c) BASE_ID

                                d) PARA1

                                e) PARA2

                                f) SET1

                                g) SET2


2) To import the MDB file into geodatabase.

                The fields of the MDB file are as follow:

                                a) UNI_ID

                                b) UNI_DESC

                                c) PARA1

                                d) PARA2

                                e) PARA3

                                f) LONGITUDE

                                g) LATITUDE                                                     

Note : The LONGITUDE and LATITUDE is in WGS84 projection.


Appreciate if anyone can help.