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Runtime Content problem

Question asked by tugiss11 on Oct 22, 2015
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I have created a .geodatabase file that has four tables with geometries and multiple tables without geometry. However, when I call "await Geodatabase.OpenAsync(path)" in my application and check the Geodatabase properties, it only has the four tables with geometries inside FeatureTables property. Should the tables without geometry be visible here too? Or is there some other way to access the tables without geometries inside the Geodatabase?



When I check the .geodatabase file with SQLite browser, I can see that all tables are created correctly inside the file.



I have tried to create the .geodatabase with Share as Runtime Content function from ArcMap, Create Runtime Content tool from Data Management and also with my own Python script that uses "arcpy.CreateRuntimeContent_management" and all yield same results.



Tuukka J