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External Web Map using arcGIS web Adapter?

Question asked by 924216004 on Oct 22, 2015
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FYI, I am a novice.



I have read material discussing how to create an external web so the user can enter in his or her username and password. This can be done by using ArcGIS API for Javascript (IdentityManager) and configuring GIS server security settings (roles and users). The deployment scenario I am thinking of using is for a single machine. My main concer is security.


My basic steps;(A) decide what method to configure ArcGIS security (ArcGIS Server Authentication or Web Server Authentication), (B) If option Web Server Authentication is best, then install ArcGIS Web Adapter, (C) Check System requirements for ArcGIS Web Adapter, (D) Single Machine Site (creates a reverse proxy-DMZ using ArcGIS web Adapter).



I have an existing internal map and a GIS server (Server 10.1) and Web Server (MS SQL 2008 R2). Once I configure my GIS server's security settings...

Will the configuration scamble my feature services where I have to reset from arcMap and publish to  my GIS server? basically hiding port 6080.

Will the configuration change my internal web map's feature services, web tiled services, etc...?

Is there a HOW-TO document discussing the process of moving a low secure GIS Server to a high secure GIS server?

Any problems I should know before configuring my GIS Server?